The 15 Best Wall Clocks For 2023 (2024)

When faced with a blank wall in your home, the first thing that comes to mind may not be to hang a clock, but it is undoubtedly something that your room lacks—choosing a clock with a distinctive design, whether vintage and ornate or modern and sleek, transforms a utilitarian item into a work of art. It also gives an interior scheme for your particular stamp, making it one-of-a-kind to you. Today's wall clock designs frequently harken back to a time when art deco designs were more than just functional timepieces. Install a piece that mixes in with the rest of your decor while also acting as a focal point. The clock is one of the most important and functional pieces in a home. It helps us keep track of time, plan our days and weeks accordingly, wake up on time for work or school, and even set alarms to remember special events like birthdays. The right wall clock can help you make your house into a home by adding personality to any room. Here are some great options that will add style and function to your space. The world of wall clocks is an interesting one, with a lot to offer. You can find traditional clocks that have been proven time and again as reliable, or you can choose the latest in modern clock movements. In this article, we will cover fifteen different types of modern wall clocks for your home that are available now. They range from traditional to modern, so no matter what kind of style you're looking for, there's something here for everyone.

1. Seiko Round Wood Wall Clock

Sleek, round design is classically chic. This Seiko clock features white numerals on the face and relies on one AA battery (included) to operate. Wood frame with light brown finish has clean lines that pair well in any space.The Seiko Round Wood Wall Clock is the perfect option for someone looking to add some style and character to their interior space. You'll never need batteries again because you can power this clock with just one, included battery. This clock is designed by master clocksmiths in Japan, who combine classic styles with new technology for high quality timepieces. The wooden frame of this round wall clock adds that finishing touch of class you've been missing, while the 15" diameter shape will be sure to catch your eye when checking out what's on tv. The round wooden frame of this clock blends well with your other interior furnishings or can even serve to enhance an already pleasing space.

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2. La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock

An atomic wall clock with an accurate second hand, automatically sets to exact time and updates automatically on Daylight Saving Time switching. A great gift item that is timeless yet modern. Great for kids' rooms or taking into work without having to set it daily.Skip the leap into uncharted time zones with the electric wall clock. The La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock is made of metal, making it incredibly sturdy and dependable even in extreme conditions. With modern styling, this square wall clock looks hip on any office or home décor. Easily mount this item to your wall to save valuable counter space. You can choose to use one AA battery for power saving purposes or insert an AC adapter if you want continuous operation for up to two years because who likes changing batteries anyways? Either way, enjoy precise accuracy six months out before daylight savings every year without all that jet lag.

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3. Bulova Victorian Wall Clock

Do you want an antique gold tone wall clock? If so, this style is affordable with its sleek design for maximum versatility. Wonderfully designed, this product has spade hands marking seconds for precise accuracy no matter which angle you view it at. This stylish timepiece is a true Art Deco classic. With its vintage look and versatile design, it’s the perfect addition to any wall decor. This antique gold-tone wall clock has a scalloped-edged metal case with an oversized aged white dial and spade hands that mark seconds. The glass lens protects the quartz movement from dust and other particles, while also capturing light to create a beautiful glow in any room of your home. Be impressed with this statement-making clock that looks like it belongs in a columned Victorian mansion. And not only is its appearance elegant, but the quartz movement and battery power ensure you’ll always be on time (and never disturbed).

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4. Seiko Oval Wall Clock

Set colorful lights to play synchronized melodies from your favorite themes. Powered by four D batteries (included), the seiko oval wall clock will be sure to lighten up any room. The Seiko Oval Wall Clock is a modern and graceful addition to any room in your home. With LED lighting that can provide illumination for anytime reading or studying, the Seiko wall clock will remind you that at least there is one device that understands when day turns to night and how important a promise of rest really is. Expand your space with Seiko Oval Wall Clock. Sophisticated and contemporary, this clock is the perfect accent for any room. Timekeeping is made easy with 20 colorful sparkling LED lights synchronized with hourly melodies. Use it on a wall or stand it proudly on its included base--this distinctive oval-shaped quartz clock is sure to reflect your outstanding taste in décor wherever you hang it up.

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5. Bernhard Non Ticking Wall Clock

The Bernhard Non Ticking Wall Clock is a minimalist decoration for your home that features a modern style. Made from plastic, this clock weighs just over one pound and requires one AA battery. It's black to seamlessly match any decor in your home. Get rid of the noise and enjoy the peace with the Bernhard Non Ticking Wall Clock. The Bernhard Non Ticking Wall Clock is the perfect addition to any room in your home, office or classroom. Large black numbers on a white front make it very easy to tell the time at a glance. The clock also includes quartz movements which guarantee accurate time. Silent non-ticking mechanism along with an aesthetically pleasing sweeping movement allows you enjoy waking up to silent comfort in the morning.Sturdy frame and glass lens are simple to clean; keeping dust off of clock dial. Finally, powered by only one AA battery guarantees that this product will be well worth your purchase.

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6. Foxtop Battery Operated Wall Clock

If you're looking for a convenient way to know what time it is, the Foxtop Battery Operated Wall Clock is perfect. This easy-to-read wall clock has a nice bronze finish and an included AA battery. It's made of durable material and sits at only 11.81 inches tall on your wall. The battery operated clock will give you accurate readings with no input from you, so this makes it perfect for those who can't see well or have mobility difficulties associated with getting up close to the device to check the time every day. If there was a noise to describe this clock engine, we would say it ticks like the clock of an old and worn watch. Precise, accurate and absolutely silent in its movement, these vintage-style clocks come in a variety of styles that will fit into any room with ease. The large black numbers are easy on the eye making it perfect for kitchens or living rooms.

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7. Yoobure Quartz Decorative Wall Clock

This fancy, Yoobure Quartz Decorative Wall Clock is perfect for any home or office space. The non-ticking wall clock is built with Silent Sweep Continuous Movement Seconds Hand to provide a noise free environment that's ideal for reading, working or sleeping time. It includes an elegant design with classic styling and clear numbers which not only tell the time but can be used as decoration. Keep your sleep healthy by using ordinary carbon batteries instead of high duty alkaline batteries. Hooks are included so it can be easily hung on walls. The Yoobure Quartz Decorative Wall Clock is the perfect addition to any home or office. Powered by a quartz movement, this sleek and modern clock tells time with precision and elegance. Accurate representation of all 12 hours. Disk shaped metal case stands off from the wall surface on black plastic feet.

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8. Large Gray Farmhouse Wall Clock

Introducing the Large Gray Farmhouse Wall Clock, perfect for any farm-themed home or rustic decor. The Country French ticking becomes a charming accent in any room with an old fashioned flair. This rustic looking wall clock is the perfect addition to your living room, kitchen, dining room, or even your master bedroom. Most clocks on here are not as large as this oversized wall clock. The Large Farmhouse Wall Clocks are Silent. We utilize high quality silent clock mechanisms. We just upgraded to the best of the best when it comes to clock mechanisms. Bring a fresh new look to a new home, beach house, apartment or dorm with this modern wall clock. Whether you are adding to a collection of decorative pieces or starting from the beginning, this stunning wall clock is perfect. This living room wall décor could be used on a wall with other decorations and blend in perfectly. It is also large enough to be used alone for a minimalist look. The farmhouse wall décor is battery operated and will surely not run too fast or too slow. You will love this wooden clock above your desk, stove, couch or anywhere.

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9. Hylanda Rustic Wall Clock

With this hanging clock from Hylanoda, you can trust that time will always be right on. It includes twelve hours per day and a cool, minimalistic design that is sure to add a touch of class to your decor. HYLANDA Rustic Wall Clock is a fun and colorful way to get your kids out of bed in the morning. Silent second hand won't keep you up at night either. Precise time movement creates an accurate clock. This easy to read wall clock has a large dial for simple reading with no worries about looking, styled by a natural distressed wood grain surface and framed with aqua vintage design. The antique vibe of this wall clock is accomplished with the wooden parts of the frame and a light stain mixed with a natural distressed appearance. AA batteries are included, but not required as there's a convenient on/off switch at the back too. The glass secures to your wall using an easy-to-install T-bar system that comes attached to the clock.

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10. Black & Wood Large Wall Clock

This wall clock is a sleek and modern option that would fit any office or home. Made of wood, this round analog clock with a quartz movement features a brushed metal look for an upscale feel. The combination of black and silver make it both classic yet trendy, perfect for when you want to show off your style without going too far from the norm. You can mount this clock on any wall or place it in your cubicle using its included stand. The minimalist design of this large frameless clock is an easy choice for executive offices, corporate lobbies, and government buildings. Its clarity makes it perfect to display company logos. The wood frame delivers a subtle Old World charm while the quartz movement ensures accuracy without any adjustment needed after installation . Hang this handsome clock on your wall with ease - it doesn't require tools.

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11. La Crosse UltrAtomic Wall Clock

The La Crosse UltrAtomic Dual Antenna Wall Clock is perfect for schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings like banks. The clock receives the accurate WWVB time signal through both antennas with excellent reception in any building where no other atomic clocks can penetrate. A five year battery life makes it so you never need to replace this reliable CSA approved clock again. A dial can be used to scroll through data readouts on an LCD screen in Celsius or Fahrenheit modes; it also doubles as a dual zone thermometer when turned upside down . A long-running favorite, the best wall clock with atomic timekeeping that syncs automatically with the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado Springs, CO will bring a stop to your daily battles of resetting clocks around the house. Liquid crystal display with sweep second hand and oversized snooze/lamp off button are perfect for any room or office environment - even outdoors.

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12. Kesin Wood Wall Clock

Kesin Wood Wall Clock is a clock with nothing wasted. The battery-free quartz movement energizes the hours, minutes, and seconds hand to move perpetually in both directions. You'll look inside for this beauty. Large wall clocks are hard to manage, with immense numbers and a second hand that ticks incessantly. Kesin has solved this problem with a super silent and non-ticking second hand for easy reading. The clever faceplate is available in both subtle antique gold or a retro bold cream white color scheme to suit your home decor needs. This clock is battery operated quartz movement powered by one AA battery (not included). For longer life please refrain from using high duty alkaline batteries- rather opt for Ordinary Carbon Battery. Handcrafted from real wood featuring unique & attractive wood grain tones, the Kesin Asian decorative Clock will add an elegant touch to any room setting while adding function as well.The Kesin Wood Wall Clock is a high-quality product for all your needs.

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13. Kwanwa Metal Quartz LED Clock

KWANWA, the leading clock manufacturer worldwide, has created this handsome LED Digital Clock with two battery-powered quartz movements. The gold frame allows you to display it in any room of your home without worry about electrical surge or power failure (for up to 12 hours). The white face boasts an eco-friendly light sensor that adjusts for natural light changes and keeps the time accurate within one minute each year by auto adjusting backlight brightness.* Wanting to know what day of the week it is? Still need a clock on hand? Search no more. With a round exterior and white color, this clock beams out to the maximum. Its sharp display is perfect for crisp time reading. It will help you keep track of what day it is as you work on school or office projects. Attach this item to a wall mount with included pieces and fix up your workspace with Wall Clock today.

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14. Lighthouse Quartz Wall Clock

A lighthouse clock with a sleek modern design and quartz movement. This 2-inch diameter timepiece has the simple beauty of cut wood grain, light yet sturdy construction and an easily readable face. it becomes more than just another functional object on your wall—it becomes one of life's little pleasures that helps fill up every day.It runs on 1 AA battery - what's better than looking at your Big Clock Lighthouse Quartz Wall Clock to see how you're spending your day? Clocks that are easy on your nerves. The Lighthouse Quartz Wall Clock is silent quartz movements make the clock noiseless and calm for you to focus without distractions. It includes a (not included) AA battery for quality performance, which you can enjoy with features like the durable MDF wood construction and optional bulk movement color options. If you're looking for an elegant yet classic wall clock, this product will make a great addition to your home decor with it's compact design, open face frame, and carefully selected colors.

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15. DreamSky Large Wall Clock

Wake up to the sunrise, not an annoyingly buzzing alarm clock. We designed this art wall clock with easy-to-read hands and an analog display for those of you who want to wake up without checking your phone. With detailed markings for specific days of the year, it's even perfect for keeping track of birthdays or any other important date on your calendar. You'll never sleep through another meeting because our large DreamSky Wall Clock is crafted with a nightlight so you can check what time it really is if you've dozed off at work.Think the iconic film "Back to the Future" for this one. Hovering above old-fashioned analog clocks, you'll find your skies are looking much brighter. The Smooth DreamSky's clean design is perfect for an office desk, nightstand or kitchen wall with its modern minimalist touch. It features a large area for multi-line text and even weather icons if you want. And yes, these aren't your average wristwatches—they're big enough so everyone can see them day or night without squinting over tiny hands.

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Here Are 5 Tips to Choose the Best Wall Clock for Your Decor

We have a plethora of time-telling devices in the modern world, including smartphones, smart watches, and wristbands. Even in today's digital world, the value of a wall clock hasn't diminished despite the abundance of time-telling technologies. Whether you're buying it for its primary use (time display) or to decorate your home, you should choose it carefully. Finding the ideal wall clock for your home might be difficult. Fortunately, we've put up a list of pointers to help you select the ideal one. One crucial suggestion is to get large clocks if they will be mounted on any walls in living rooms or bedrooms, since they make time simpler to read and more noticeable. Another important consideration when purchasing a clock is which style best complements your home's decor and aesthetic preferences. Clocks come in a variety of styles, so perhaps this article has helped you limit down your options! If not, there are a plethora of other articles with even more possibilities available!

1. First, choose a type

When choosing a timepiece, it's important to understand the two main types: analogue and digital. Analogue clocks are traditional, attractive, and beautiful timepieces. These clocks may be a little disturbing for you because they generate noise. Digital clocks, on the other hand, place a higher importance on utility than on aesthetics. These wall clocks, on the other hand, are an excellent decoration alternative for your home's motif. A clock is a great addition to any home. It's not only functional, but it can also add some character and personality to your living space. You might want a bold and modern design or something that matches your old-fashioned decorating style - either way, we've got you covered! But before you go out and start shopping for clocks, make sure you know the type of wall clock that will work best for your needs. There are three types: one with an analog face (the hands move around in circles), one with digital numbers (hands point straight up at 12:00) and one combining both features. Our favorite kind is the analog/digital combo! What's yours?

2. Choose the ideal spot

It is obvious that you are selecting and purchasing a wall clock for your living area. However, you must make it apparent where the best area to hang it is, as well as which wall/which direction is best. Typically, we choose to hang a clock at a height on the wall that allows you to view the time from a variety of perspectives. According to Vastu, the optimum spot to hang a time-telling machine is on the east/west/north wall. A clock should not be hung on the southern wall, according to Vastu. Why do you need a wall clock? Is it to tell the time, or is it for decoration? That's up to you. The right location wall clock will be one that suits your needs and style. Choosing the right wall clock is not an easy task. There are many different types of clocks, with various styles, colors, and functions. And depending on whether you're looking for a decorative piece or one that will help keep time, there are even more considerations to make when selecting your perfect wall clock. You can surround the clock with photos, photographs, paintings, frames, or abstract wall art, with the clock in the center. Even if you're not attempting to tell the time, it provides the eye a lot to bounce around between and may be really entertaining to look at.

3. Determine the size of your clock

When it comes to hanging a wall clock, size matters just as much as it does for other ornamental pieces. Its size should not be either little or too large in general. You should purchase a clock that is the right size for you. And to do so, you should measure the length and width of your living room. A little clock should be placed in a small area, whereas a large/larger wall clock should be placed in a larger living space. A clock is a staple in every household. There are many different ways to go about finding the best clock for your home, but there is one thing that you should know before you do anything else: how big does your clock need to be? Consider the purpose of the clock when deciding whether to acquire a small, medium, or large one. In a tiny space, you can get away with a larger clock for an enormous effect that draws attention to the clock as a focal point, but in a large space, you'll want to avoid going too small. When determining where to hang your wall clock, keep in mind that eye level is always a good starting place. Because utility is so important, you'll want your clock to be easily visible throughout the day. A clock above eye level will look great in a lot of places.What size works best depends on where you want to put it and what kind of design style you prefer, so let's take a look at some options.

4. Consider the theme of the room's decor

A room décor theme refers to the colour of the walls. If the room is the same hue and tone, you should opt with a minimal or clean face. A larger clock that fits the colour colours and tones of the space is required for a larger living space. Decorating a room is more than just hanging up some pictures and putting down rugs. Light colors, such as light grey, white, cream, parrot green, or sky blue, are ideal for residential big wall clocks. Dark colors should be avoided. If you're hanging a clock on the north wall, go for metallic, grey, or white to complement the direction. There are many factors that contribute to the overall look of your room, including wall décor. Wall décor can have a large impact on the mood of a space, so it's important to consider what you want from your wall clock before going out and buying one. Make sure you're getting something that fits with the theme of your room! If you're looking for inspiration, read through this blog post for ideas about different types of clocks and how they could fit into any home decor style!

5. Examine the material and style carefully

Wall clocks are built of wood, steel, plastic, and other similar materials in today's globe. Regardless of the material you choose, you should always consider the material's quality. Assume you've decided to purchase a wooden wall clock. If it's made of pine, oak, or sesame wood, you should ask. Also, familiarise yourself with the wood's grade. Wall clocks are everywhere and serve a variety of purposes. From telling time to decorating the room, wall clocks have many different functions. However, what most people don't know is that there are various types of styles and materials used in making them. In this blog post we will explore the differences between these material and style options to help you find one that best fits your needs or desires! The width of a wall clock should be between six and eighteen inches. Small, medium, and big are the three standard sizes for wall clocks. A little clock is around 8.5 inches in diameter, a medium clock is 12-24 inches in diameter, and a large clock is 24-32 inches in diameter.

The 15 Best Wall Clocks For 2023 (2024)
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