Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (2024)

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Are you looking for which pillow cover is best for sleeping? You’ve presumably placed a great pledge of thought into your pillow protector. You require the material that will be contacting your face for the duration of the night to be delicate, safe enough for touchy skin, and charming sufficiently for all seasons and for that you will need the softest pillow case.

However, what’s under the pillowcase matters comparably a lot. With the favourable best pillow cases, you’ll draw out the life expectancy of your cushion, limit contact with allergens, and forestall staining. Pillow protectors go about as a boundary between the pad and the pillow cover, keeping slobber and sweat from arriving at the pad, just as holding residue and bugs back from disturbing your nasal pathways.

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Therefore, an ideal adornment for individuals with night sweats, hypersensitivities, or every one of those that need to take advantage of their pad, most comfortable pillow cases come in different sizes and plans.

While there’s no widespread fit for all, there are sure characteristics that improve some pillow protectors more than others. We have gathered together the remarkable best pillowcases for you.

Top 13 best pillow covers a detailed review in 2022:

Although we have gathered together our top picks for your ease and reviewed them one by one. But our top 3 best pillow covers that we would suggest to buy are :

Cotton pillow covers

Mulberry silk cushion case

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are worth spending money on and include all that a best pillow cover needs to have.

1.Cotton pillow covers:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (1)

Product description:

cotton sateen weave will keep you cooland agreeable while you rest, and considering that it comes in a wide range of sizes – including body pads and sofa pads – you’ll have the option to deck out both your room and parlour with these defenders.

100 % cotton pillow cases. While a few commentators have noticed that these aren’t great for feather down pads as the plumes might in any case jab through the defender, remember this relying upon what sort of pad you need a defender for. These issues can likewise be tried not to by guaranteeing your pillowcase is adequately sturdy to withstand any plumes traversing. Other than this, the cotton sateen texture has been demonstrated to last numerous years and can be washed a few times while keeping up with its luxurious delicate feel under your pillowcase.

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  • Highly durable
  • Inn quality cotton sateen weave
  • Arrives in an assortment of sizes, not only for bed cushions


  • Ain’t good for feather pillows

Reason to buy:

These are the best cotton pillow cases. If you are looking for breathability these pillow covers are the best choice to purchase as made of cotton with durable zipper they provide extra comfort and are easy to clean.

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2.Microfiber pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (3)

Product description:

Buy these microfiber pillow cases For a moderate arrangement of your pillows, you can’t turn out badly with this pick we evaluated for you. These compact pillowcases are elicited utilizing delicate and durable microfiber polyester, which is impassable to kinks and contracting. The pillowcases are besides reasonable to machine wash and dry on low heat. Moreover, there are two quantities and twenty-nine tones and prints to look over and conclude on radiant white or go for a gorgeous blue. With so many shading alternatives and low costs, this pillowcase set is favourable worldwide.


  • They are long lasting
  • Available in different sizes
  • It have microfiber construction
  • Light weight


  • It’s smell might not be favourable for you.

Reason to buy:

If you are searching for soft covers, having the best fabric for pillow cases. These are the perfect choice because the polyester makes it extra soft pillow covers.

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3.Everlasting pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (5)

Product description:

Bed Pillow cases with Never-ending Solace and offers a lifetime guarantee, it has a delicate cotton terry material shell that feels smooth to contact and adds a layer of extravagance. It likewise incorporates an invulnerable yet breathable polyurethane layer that gives it hypoallergenic highlights. it prevents fluids from staining it, nonetheless, it moreover resists allergens from amassing inside the pillow. It is breathable, so you don’t need to stress over crinkling plastic sounds or overheating. This cushion defender zips close and can be washed in the machine for reasonable assistance. The set incorporates two pillow covers so you’ll get an extraordinary arrangement as can be convinced you receive the most favourable rest.

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  • Moderate
  • Ultra calm polyurethane inside
  • Delicate terry cotton shell
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • The smell might not be your favourite

Reason to buy:

A luxury pillow case. These pillow covers are probably the best waterproof ones out in the market. They can fight against sweats and other stains and are machine washable and dryable.

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4.Utopia pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (7)

Product Description:

Perfect Covers highlight a delicate, fibre-filled texture that advances relaxing rest while shielding the cushions from residue and allergens. These pad covers are made of a solid microfiber polyester texture that opposes kinks, stains, and blurring. With a sliding case plan, it is open toward one side.


  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Long lasting pillow covers
  • Stays cooler at night.
  • Comes with affordable prices


  • You can’t use fabric softener.

Reason to buy:

Quite cheap pillow cases. You can afford it easily.These are stain resistant pillow covers and also they help in solving skin problems like reducing wrinkles and keeping skin smoother.

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5.Mulberry silk cushion case:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (9)

Product description:

These are envelope closure pillow case.It is esteemed as one of the considerably mind-blowing silk pillowcases accessible on the web, and it’s acquired high applause from the group of professionals at Good Housekeeping. Manufactured utilizing wonderful Mulberry silk with better thickness, the pillowcase stands so elegant and lavish. It comprises an envelope fold verdict to keep your pillow arranged, furthermore With concerns to washing, a little extra care is required, and cleaning or hand washing are instructed. This modification is accessible in six tones, including un-coloured white


  • sleep temperature
  • Protects hair
  • Takes good care of your skin
  • It also retains moisture.


  • Can be a bit expensive

Reason to buy:

Having the best pillowcase material. These are Editor’s choice best pillow covers. These have health benefits as they reduce wrinkles and help you wake up refreshed.

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6.Gravity pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (11)

Product description:

Long pillow cases .It surely covers the well known adjustable Pancake Cushion. Produced using delicate, hundred percent cotton with a three hundred string count, the arrangement of two curiously large pillowcases are accessible dark, white, or beige. The pillowcases likewise include openings, making them simple to change when it’s an ideal opportunity to do clothing and giving your enormous cushion some additional space.

In case you’ve been battling to track down the right pillowcase for your Extra large pillow, this set from Gravity Rest could get the job done. The machine-launderable pillowcases come in two sizes.


  • Extra fluffy pillows
  • Includes luxury cotton
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable


  • Might be thick for some

Reason to buy:

These oversize pillow cases can fit even much larger pillows and are available in different sizes. They are cool ,soft and extra breathable.

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7.National Pillow Cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (13)

Product description:

Surviving with sensitivities isn’t acceptable, mainly when the aggravation is something on a tiny level like parasites. This pillow cover ensures asthma and hypersensitivity. Comprising a protected soft texture that is made in the USA. The cover doesn’t have waterproof properties. This cover is additionally incredible for counteraction as it has auto-locking zippers that guarantee no small varmint can discover its direction inside the cushion. You can wash it in the machine and dry it easily


  • Exclusive enemy of hypersensitivity texture
  • Cosy fit
  • Delicate and calm
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • It is not a waterproof pillowcase.

Reason to buy:

Partake in the solace of cotton in this pillow from Hypersensitivity without stressing over dust bugs, or different irritations or allergens. The breathable, shielding cotton weave has a pore size of solely three to four microns. The little openings permit the air to get past, yet block sensitivity causing particles. This solid, twofold sewed cover completely encases the cushion and components a rust-verification, consisting of a nylon zipper.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (14)

8.SafeRest pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (15)

These are available in three different sizes and are the perfect choice for those searching for a breathable pillow cover that won’t let dust get in .

Product Description:

You’d be incapable of excavating an individual that is not startled by bugs. Produced using cotton outwardly and a waterproof layer covering within, these are planned to avoid bugs. It additionally has Miniature Zippers that don’t permit anything to go inside the cushion or out of it. With impenetrable texture, on the off chance that you have bugs living inside your costly cushion, they will not have any place to proceed and will ultimately die.

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  • Breathable and commotion free
  • Miniature zippers
  • Fend off bloodsuckers, allergens, and fluids
  • long term guarantee


  • Can have an irritating smell.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (16)

9.Bamboo Pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (17)

Product Description:

These temperature harmonizing pillow covers are delivered utilizing bamboo rayon that is known for its cooling properties. Fragile to contact and moistness wicking, this surface is impenetrable to contracting additionally, so it will, in general, be washed and dried on higher warmth settings. While not waterproof, these are especially water-safe and will go probably as a good enough block for sweat and drool. No convincing excuse to be worrying over suddenness spilling through these cases, but in case you have a worrisome young kid in your bed, you might need to go for totally waterproof covers taking everything into account.

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  • Thermo-overseeing sway
  • Quiet
  • The extreme feel of the surface
  • A comfortable fit with quality zippers
  • Can be washed at higher temperatures


  • Confined size choice

Reason to buy:

These are extra soft and quite simple to use . They have zippers so you can easily take them off and wash them in a machine or by hand . They are waterproof and breathable pillow covers.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (18)

10.Luxear pillow cover:Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (19)

Product description:

Assuming you need a cooling pillowcase for the hotter months, nonetheless, you aren’t sure if it will be durable enough. This pillow cover is an incredible decision since it offers the smartest reasonable antidote. One side is caused with a signature cooling texture that will feel cool and luxurious to the touch, and the other uses a subtle cotton texture for a hotter vibe. Whichever side you’re laying on, the breathable, agreeable material won’t ever leave you sweat-soaked or overheated. Alongside a secret zipper plan that considers simple exchange, this pillow can be machine washed easily.


  • Reduces facial wrinkles
  • A perfect pillow cover for hair and skin
  • Gives you smoother sleep experience


  • You cannot use the dryer.

Reason to buy:

Are you looking for a long lasting cooling effect ?Here is your choice which is made of cotton that is silky and remains cooler during summer nights.Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (20)

11.Bedsure pillow cover:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (21)

Product description:

These are incredible polyester pillow cases, to partake in the sensation of a luxurious pillowcase without spending a ton. Made with polyester glossy silk, a reasonable option in contrast to genuine silk, the pillowcases are super delicate and give cooler vibes. They have customary envelope terminations, so you will not need to stress over catching them on a hard zipper for the duration of the evening, and can be washed in a machine.


  • Reduces split ends
  • Keeps your skin glowing
  • These covers Don’t disturb the serums you apply.


  • It doesn’t have any zippers.

Reason to buy:

If quite often you stay worried about your skin problems then here we go with the best satin pillow covers that keeps your skin safe while you nap. Looking for beauty sleep ? Click the buying option and get one.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (22)

12.Sheex pillow covers:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (23)

Product description:

These Sheex pillowcases are extraordinarily intended to move heat away from your body, leaving you cool and agreeable the entire evening. On the off chance that you haven’t effectively known about this popular sleepwear organization, it was made by two school ball mentors who understood that the dampness wicking execution texture frequently utilized in athletic attire would be agreeable as bedding. So they put their thoughts under a magnifying glass, and the rest is history.

Alongside the cooling innovation, these pillowcases are additionally lightweight, delicate to the touch, and impervious to pilling and blurring after some time so they’ll be a staple in your room for quite a long time to come.

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  • Keeps body temperature regulated
  • Long lasting pillow covers
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Easy to clean


  • Can have a funky smell at start .

Reason to buy:

For a luxurious night go with these most comfortable and breathable pillow covers as they provide extra softness and assists you with waking up rejuvenated.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (24)

13.Snuggle-Pedic Pillow Covers:

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (25)

Product description:

It is extra breathtaking and forestalls sweat. Little miniature vents all through the cushion cover are considered an ideal air course and matched with the normally lightweight bamboo material, this alternative will keep you cool and agreeable regardless of the temperature. This pillowcase is likewise machine-launderable, remembers a disguised zipper for one side, and comes in five sizes to fit everything from a child’s pad to a full-body cushion


  • Removable and washable
  • Air circulating properties
  • Gives you soft and comfortable feel


  • Can be a bit expensive

Reason to buy:

Your search for cooling pillow covers ends here as these are the perfect combination of bamboo material that keeps you cool during your sleep. Also it has air circulating technology which is the reason they remain cooler at night .

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (26)

Buyers guide:

possibly you may stir to a stodgy nose and sniffling, you might be the survivor of hypersensitivity causing particles caught in your cushion. You might desire to consider utilizing a best pillow cover to make an obstruction between the cushion and the pillowcase to shield you from allergens

Browse cotton, polyester, or microfiber textures and consider their hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, or cooling properties. Wash these machine-launderable cushion defenders each a few months to dispose of residue parasites, dust and different allergens that might influence your wellbeing. Peruse on to track down the best pillow cover for your room.


Waterproof :

Waterproof pillow covers fuse an impermeable film into the texture.

Cooling fibres:

cooling strands cause pillow covers to stay cool and are best for hot sleepers.


Polyester microfiber texture is delicate and smooth. These pillow covers end up being the best choice.

Organic cotton:

Natural cotton, delicate, solid, and breathable pillow covers.


A few textures are treated with antimicrobial completion to hinder the development of microorganisms.


Hypoallergenic textures have an additional little weave to hinder toxic particles.

Zipper vs slipcase:

To shield pads from dampness, sweat, soil, dust, and little particles that might cause an unfavourably susceptible response, pillow covers work best when they encase the pad. Most encompass a zipper toward one side to completely encase the cushion and close external elements. Others have a slipcase plan, which means they’re open toward one side to make them simple to eliminate.

What to Search for in BEST Pillow covers?


While grabbing a pillow over, there is a twosome of standard texture choices. Microfiber and polyester are too cheap and wrinkle-safe. For a more extravagant feel, go for silk material.

Cotton is known for being delicate and breathable, and it can frequently give a luxury feel at a reasonable cost.


Plain-weave cotton is normal in pillowcases, nevertheless, you’ll discover sateen and jersey weaves. Sateen has a super smooth feel, while jersey feels lived-in like your number one Shirt. For a plush pillowcase with a gleaming completion, decide on silk.


Since you’re buying a pillow cover independently from your current bedding, you have two options, discover pillowcases that match or pick a shade that supplements your room style. Obviously, in case you’re going for an inn style look, exemplary white is the best approach.

Let’s sum up:

It’s significant not to neglect the prestige of best pillowcases for your essence of rest. These clever embellishments delay the life expectancy of your pads, keep scents and dust under control, and in particular, can decrease the number of allergens and forestall dust mites invasions.

Ideal for individuals with sensitivities, those that lean toward feather and down cushions or individuals that perspiration or slobber around evening time, pillow protectors will keep your pad spotless and new while giving a superior nature of rest simultaneously.

Top 13 Best Pillow Covers a Detailed Guide in 2022 (2024)
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