EXCLUSIVE: Red Lobster taps superfan Flavor Flav to announce its Crabfest menu (2024)

The clock-donning hip hop legend is making his love for Red Lobster official.

TODAY.com can exclusively report that Red Lobster and Flavor Flav are partnering up to let fans everywhere know that Crabfest is back.

“Fans have taken to social media over the last few weeks to share their love of Red Lobster, pleading to #SaveTheBiscuits, while reminiscing about their most cherished memories dining at the restaurant,” Red Lobster writes in a release sent to TODAY.com. “Among those was Flavor Flav and he’s here to kickoff Crabfest in the most flavorful way.”

People have posted online about their love for Red Lobster, with some wanting to help the company survive impending bankruptcy by ordering in bulk and even encouraging followers to eat at the chain.

Then Flav, proved to be a true seafood-lover when he posted an image on Instagram supporting the chain. It quickly went viral, and, as it turns out, Flav wasn’t done.

“We love seeing our fans show up and rally for us, so when Flavor Flav reached out, we answered the call and invited him to join us in reminding fans we’re here to stay,” said Sara Bittorf, chief experience officer at Red Lobster.

A representative for the chain added fans can expect Flavor Flav to continue his outpouring of love for the restaurant as this returning menu rolls out.

As part of “Crab Your Way,” guests can choose a full pound of one of two steamed crab leg varieties (snow and bairdi) in a range of flavors (Cajun butter, roasted garlic butter or plain steamed).

“Crabfest has been a guest-favorite event for years and we’re excited to bring the flavor, along with a variety of wild-caught crab for our guests to enjoy, now and for generations to come,” said Bittorf.

Additionally, Red Lobster is offering three brand-new dishes starting at $20, as well as a new side:

  • Creamy Crab Carbonara features lump crab meat tossed with tomatoes, bacon and linguine in a cream sauce topped with shaved parmesan.
  • Crab & Lobster Duo boasts a snow crab cluster with a crab-stuffed Maine lobster tail served with a choice of side.
  • Snow Crab & Crab-Topped Steak features a snow crab cluster paired with a crab-topped sirloin steak served with a choice of side.
  • Crab Mac & Cheese tops macaroni and cheese with lump crab meat and crispy onions.

There’s also a new co*cktail called the Big Breezy Hurricane made with amaretto, Malibu coconut rum, Southern Comfort and juices.

Flavor Flav ordered Red Lobster’s entire menu in viral post

Back on June 3, Flav truly put his money where his mouth was in expressing a desire to help the beleaguered seafood company, which filed for bankruptcy last month.

“Ya boy said he wuz gonna do everything to help Red Lobster and save the Cheddar Bay Biscuits,” the star wrote on Instagram, adding he ordered everything available in quite the benevolent display.

Anyone on the platform can see the clock-wearing meme machine standing in front of several plated Red Lobster items on a table: nachos, vegetables, Cheddar Bay Biscuits and, of course, a whole lobster are waiting to be enjoyed buffet-style along with loads of other dishes.

“FLAVOR FLAV,” continued the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, invoking his own name in his signature style. “took my family to@redlobsterand ordered the whole menu,!!!”

The post, which was shared as a video, generated more than 874,000 views in the process. A post sharing the same image has 1.3 million views on X.

Flavor Flav has been a known lover of Red Lobster for years. On his iconic reality dating show, “Flavor of Love,” he took contestant Tika “Sweetie” Wilson to “one of his most favorite places in the world,” Red Lobster, surprising his date in more ways than one.

Still, both the rapper and the seafood spot seem to have gotten reacquainted in a heartwarming way. Red Lobster commented on the post by writing, “It’s flavor time, boyeeeeeeee! 🦞⏰,” to which Flav himself replied with a “YEAH BOOYYYEEEE,!!! ⏰🦞👀.”

Hundreds of other folks took to the comments section to add their two cents on the shellfish smorgasbord.

“Some heroes wear clocks,” wrote one user on Instagram.

“😂😂😂😂 Yooo, Flav is going to single-handedly save Red Lobster,” wrote another, while the official Public Enemy Instagram account chimed in with a lobster emoji.

“Wait you saving @redlobster and the water polo team? Love it!!” wrote someone on X, referring to the rapper agreeing to become the U.S. women’s water polo team’s hype man last month.

The tenderhearted timepiece lover replied with a list of all the causes he’s taking up: “And teachers and music education and mental health awareness and food banks and addiction counseling and FUN seems like FUN needs to be saved lots these days 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾.”

One X user asked if any of the meal was comped. The rapper replied, “NONE,,, why if I send you my receipt you fixin to pay me back,???”

And to a naysayer on X who wrote, “This ain’t saving s--- lmao,” Flavor Flav didn’t mince words, responding, “Itz saving some of the staff with da money I gave em,,, whatchu doing to help anyone,???”

Red Lobster announced it voluntarily filed Chapter 11 relief in May in Florida bankruptcy court after setbacks with its investors, its Endless Shrimp deal as well as a liquidation firm selling off the contents of dozens of Red Lobster locations around the country.

The eatery said it plans to remain open and sell its businesses to existing lenders.

Joseph Lamour

Washington, D.C. native Joseph Lamour is a lover of food: its past, its present and the science behind it. With food, you can bring opposites together to form a truly marvelous combination, and he strives to take that sentiment to heart in all that he does.

EXCLUSIVE: Red Lobster taps superfan Flavor Flav to announce its Crabfest menu (2024)
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