Caramelized Cabbage and Walnut Pasta Recipe (2024)



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I used to do a stir-fry with cabbage, brown rice, and walnuts. Those three ingredients go perfectly together.

Tara Breck

I'm going to make this with wide egg noodles so it's more like my childhood favorite haluski.


This recipe lends itself fully to substitutions! What I did have was cabbage, garlic, pasta and lemon. What I didn't have was pecorino cheese, leeks or walnuts. Instead I used feta, shallots and onion and pecans. Delightful! This is now my husband's and my favorite cabbage dish!

Mrs B

I frequently make a cabbage pasta like this--walnuts and all. But sometimes I do it with crispy bits of salami on top instead.


Made this exactly as directed and it was really great. My daughter is a vegetarian and I’m always looking for filling dishes that will work for her and the rest of the family - this totally fits the bill. Everyone loved it! Don’t skip the chives and lemon juice - they brighten up the richness and makes a great contrast. Thanks for a great recipe!

Max Shapiro

toasted pinoli instead of walnuts.


This dish has a lot of potential, but needs some modifications to make it sing. I'm not quite sure why you cook the cabbage with the lid on -- the water just collects and you need to cook it for at least twice as long to get anywhere near caramelized. Next time I think I'll also use Parm for a nuttier taste than the Pecorino offers.

Paul Klein

My mother used to make this. It was very simple: shredded cabbage with walnuts and mixed with bowtie pasta. The cabbage was cooked in butter without all the other spices and special seasonings. It was delicious.

Sharon Simmons

I simmered the veg much longer...almost an hour in the dutch oven until they truly caramelized, which also made the texture more compatible with the pasta. Also, added roasted fennel seeds with the cumin seeds, substituted pecans (because that's what I had), added julienned sugar snap peas, tons of fresh cilantro & parsley and zest & juice of a whole lemon. Served to guests who were actually swooning. A new favorite!!


Walnuts were fine, but I wasn’t a fan of the long pasta. This needed something shorter, like fusilli or even rigatoni, to grab onto the cabbage and nuts effectively. I’d make it again with that change and maybe add guanciale or pancetta, reducing the salt accordingly.


I'd use any vegan cheese that is marketed as parm, mozz, or white cheddar. Nutritional yeast is always something I add when cooking vegan.


It's Cacio e Pepe with cabbage. It was surprisingly good with the cabbage sliced very thin on a mandoline.


Nice change of pace. Welcome winter weeknight meal.Replaced walnuts with chopped, roasted hulled sunflower seeds (nut allergy).Might try toasted pine nuts next time or even pepitas.

Ken Packman

Bryant Terry has a great tip for removing bitterness from walnuts. After roasting, letting cool, rub them inside a fine sieve. Removes skins and bitterness.

William Wroblicka

Good recipe, but I think the walnuts are miscast in this role.


Yum, needs longer to caramelise and less salt. Added lemon zest as well as juice. Otherwise super easy. Wondering if just as good with onion rather than leek?


Excellent as written - we added red pepper flakes at the end and it was delicious. If you wanted added protein, sardines would be complimentary.

Jason H.

It's all right. My family is readily eating it, which is good, but I don't think I'll add it to my repertoire as a go-to dish. That said it was pretty cheap to make.


the store was out of leeks so I used fennel and some shallots, and it was great.


Made exactly as specified - very unique. Husband said, "That was restaurant quality!"


Second time around and still really like this- cabbage is becoming a fave! Unsure why some of the comments, but the cabbage caramelized nicely in the time allotted, but then i am a fan of high-heat cooking. Finished the pasta in the sauce to ensure melding of flavor. Didn’t have walnuts so subbed toasted hazelnuts for a good result as well. Playing with recipes is always an adventure- make this one yours!

Jess in LA

This was absolutely fantastic. My cabbage was a bit light and I will definitely use more next time. When we heated the leftovers we went heavier on the chopped walnuts and garnished with chopped parsley. Used caraway seeds rather than cumin seeds out of necessity and it was amazing. Bulked up with extra cabbage and walnuts this will be in regular rotation. So cheap, hearty, and full of good stuff.


The cabbage doesn't really get carmelized, just soft. Soft is ok, next to the crunchy walnuts. I think if I make it again, I will put in more cheese.

Pam from NJ

Made as directed but with bow ties. I didn’t care for the cumin taste in the pasta; next time will try with fennel seed.

cabbage and spaghetti

2/1/24Half recipe for two. Use onion and omit walnuts. Mild but satisfying.


Don’t leave the cumin seed and walnuts out, they make the dish!


I used gluten free penne and a hard goat cheese (because of dietary restrictions), &a medium sweet onion (didn’t have any leeks). It was still absolutely delicious!


Subbed Parmesan for pecorino and I didn’t have walnuts or an appropriate sub, and it was still completely delicious!! Excellent winter pasta that feels fresh and veg forward

Nan Dem

Needs *less* pasta. That’s a first for NYT recipes I’ve tried. Also, more seasoning would not be amiss. Maybe something hot?


Shoulda read the other comments first. I made it according to the directions, the cabbage didn't caramalize and I was running out of time, so I ate it as is and it was bland and boring. Maybe add some chopped raisins and lots of raw onion, I added raw onion after the first bite and that helped. Too much time chopping and cooking for the results.

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Caramelized Cabbage and Walnut Pasta Recipe (2024)
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